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Anala RW SGCA Fryga Anala

A real joy to see this little Fiery Princess becoming a true Queen of her own household and being so cherished and loved - almost as if she never left our home.
Huge thanks to Monika & Marcin for being such an amazing home for our sweetheart and for continuously taking the whole Europe by storm with her <3
With this girl - sky is the limit :-*
Arati RW SGC Fryga Arati

A lovely surprise ^_^
We didn't plan to keep a boy.
We didn't plan to show a boy.
He is an improved and a male version of his mom Tsula and we love it :-*
A very pleasant surprise so far <3
And we hope he will give us more little surprises in a not too distant future ;)
Aine CHA Fryga Aine "Anii/Ania"

Our little miracle baby <3
Bottle feeding, sleepless nights and lot's of tears but it was all worth it to see her grow, strengthen and sparkle <3
And true to her name she became our real Joy <3
Time will tell if she will be a show star like her sister and brother but to us she is The Brightest Star already <3