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Fryga Fryga
born 02-04-2005, black smoke with white female household cat

In a way the foundress of our cattery. Our first cat, who taught us everything that we didn't know about cats. Graciously ruling, in love with heights, full of intelligence Little Princess - Grey Mouse -, and sometimes terrorist - Queen of the house. A Lady, fully aware of the meaning of her name: to be like fryga or to move like fryga means to be very lively, active and frisky and Fryga is exactly that. Although now that she is 10 and that we have a somali she finally seems a little bit more calm.
Gamina NW'14 SP Gamina Grey Shadow*PL, DVM, DSM
born 12-07-2010, black classic torbie maine coon female

Called "Baby" but also "The Queen", she is a different type of queen. First of all she is the queen of cat shows - with titles: National Winner 2014, Supreme Premior, Distinguished Variety Merit and Distinguishted Show Merit as well as many show wins and a whole gallery of trophies. This proud winner at home turns into a sweet, "little" Baby but it's only a pretense because Gamina, as any professional éminence grise, holds the hearts of all human household members in her huge velvet paws. And we truly are all hers.
Aine RW SGCA (TICA) SP (FIFe) Fryga Aine, DSM
born 17-01-2016, ruddy (ticked tabby) somali female

Anii... Ania... Anusia...
Our little miracle baby <3
Bottle feeding, sleepless nights and lot's of tears but it was all worth it to see her grow, strengthen and sparkle <3
And true to her name she became our real Joy <3
Time will tell if she will be a show star like her sister and brother but to us she is The Brightest Star already <3

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Our journey in the cat's world was not without sadness and hardships...

I could write books about those two - they both left their paw prints forever on our hearts...
Aria Aria

Our second cat. Our first "cat addition". She taught us that no two cats are alike. She taught us to love torties and their tortietudes. And most of all she taught us that an adult cat (she was 6 when she came to us) can love and bond with its humans as strong, if not stronger, than a kitten.
Fenris Fenris

Our first maine coon that I've wished for and waited for so many years. My dream come true.
my first "going for walks" cat,
my first therapy cat,
my first dog loving cat,
my first show cat - my first maine coon love.
This poem sums up best the hole that my heart now is without him - though written for a dog, it matches my Prince purfectly.