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Organizations and clubs our cattery belongs to:

TICA - The International Cat Association


Our friends' cattieries:

Kharn-Ka Somalis - our Tsula & Sara were born here

Dushara Somalis - thanks to this cattery Tsula was able to come to live with us

Almaros Somalis - thanks to this cattery Kaszi came to us; our Honey was born here

Catika's Somalis - our Kaszi was born here

Foxglove Somalis - our friend who breeds somalis in Sweden

Somalikissat - our Felicity aka Sanni lives here

Auroran Kollit - our finnish friends

Ilendri - our friends who breed marble bengals, also Gamina's sister lives with them

Grey Shadow*PL - Fenris and Gamina were born in here

Kocurro*PL - Gamina's dad lives here

Maison Magique - our friend who breeds maine coons

Vespertine - our friend who breeds maine coons

Vendellek*PL - our friends who breed norwegian forest cats

Curly Dream*PL - our friend who breeds devon rexes

Forastero*PL - our friend who breeds british